Young man with bipolar disorder murdered in San Jose

Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith

Mike Tyree was 31 years old. He had bipolar disorder.

A former girlfriend remembers that he often felt “antsy, irritable and obsessive.”

“He really had a kind heart. He had the best smile. He was always seeking balance.”

She added, “I know in my heart he wished he could be different because life was hard for him.”

In the throes of symptoms of his untreated illness, he was set upon last week by three men who beat and kicked him until he was dead.

The murder occurred inside the Santa Clara County Jail in San Jose, California. A Santa Clara judge had wanted Mike to go a mental health treatment facility, but because no bed was available, the judge ordered him to be held temporarily in the jail.

The judge thought that the jail would be safer for Mike during his manic episode than the streets.

Three men were arrested for allegedly killing Mike. They were jail guards.

According to their employer, Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith, they had “lost their moral compass.”

The sheriff expressed her “profound sorrow,” and added, “The disappointment and disgust that I feel cannot be overstated.”

The three have now been charged with murder.


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