Prevent suicide? Second Wind Fund does it every day.

Second Wind Fund prevents teen suicide

Six years ago, a community mental health director in a suburb north of Denver—who you’d like to think would know better—told me that he believes suicide can’t be prevented.

Fortunately, that ill-informed person is proven completely wrong, every day, by a private program that operates in another Denver suburb: the Second Wind Fund.

Suicide is currently the second leading cause of death for youth ages 10-19 in Colorado.

While other suicide prevention programs often focus on education and awareness events, the Second Wind program provides immediate professional intervention for kids thinking of suicide.

Second Wind_logo_300x200The Second Wind Fund matches children and youth, age 19 and younger, with a licensed therapist in their local community. Kids in need of intervention for suicide issues are referred to the Fund by their school counselors or other school or community mental health professionals.

If the young person in need doesn’t have insurance or other funding, the Second Wind Fund will pay for up to 12 sessions of professional counseling.

The program’s counselors are psychologists, social workers, and other licensed providers who have agreed in advance to immediately accept referrals and to accept a pre-negotiated reimbursement rate from the Second Wind Fund for their services.

It’s a simple model. The Second Wind Fund:

1. Recruits licensed professionals who can be immediately available to help young people
2. Raises money to pay for up to 12 sessions of treatment for kids in need
3. Takes referral calls from school personnel to match kids with therapists

Second_WindSecond Wind Fund has affiliates in Denver and Boulder, Colorado, and they’ve helped other communities replicate this simple innovative model outside of the Denver area.

You can find contact information for the Second Wind Fund by clicking here.