NTAP offers Directory of Treatment and Support

The National Treatment Access Project, a nationwide effort to improve access to care for mental health and substance use issues, today publicly released its Treatment and Support Directory.

This new nationwide directory is envisioned as a resource for anyone in need of help. By offering this directory as a public service, the National Treatment Access Project (NTAP) hopes to gather listings from all providers of treatment and support services in the United States.

“Similar online services exist,” said Daniel Ward, NTAP’s Lead Facilitator, “but listings there may cost providers anywhere from $60 to $300 per month. If a provider chooses not to, or can’t, spend the money, people in need can’t find that service.”

NTAP’s Treatment and Support Directory has a simple, free, listing process, to support its effort to include every provider of treatment and support in the United States.

“We have one goal,” added Mr. Ward. “To enable people in need to find any treatment or support that may be available to help them with recovery.”