Cynical PR from a Virginia Pharmaceutical Company

The Virginia-based “Kaleo” company claims to have donated more than 330,000 naloxone auto-injectors to police officers, health workers, and nonprofit groups since 2014 — saving 5,000 lives. Never mind that they’ve raised the list price of their “Evzio” automatic injection kit by 500%.

Four years ago, when the Evzio product was priced at $600 for a two-pack, it was already the most expensive opioid overdose remedy on the market. By mid-2017, Kaleo had raised the price to $4,500 for the two-pack. This all for a product that, but for corporate profit-taking, could be supplied everywhere for about $1.00 per dose.

How to protect a predatory pricer from public backlash? Build a splashy public relations campaign to give away the injection kits by the thousands…but oh, don’t look too closely at that expiration date. Turns out they’re nearly expired. Read more here.