Hundreds of different psychotropic medication are used in treatment.Three ways to look up psychotropic medications:

1. BRAND NAME: If you know the U.S. BRAND NAME of a medication that you want to learn about, click here. (These drugs may be known by different brand names in other countries.)

2. GENERIC NAME: If you know the GENERIC NAME of a medication that you want to learn about, click here. (Generic names are usually the same worldwide.)

3. ALPHABETICAL, ALL NAMES: If you don’t know what a medication is used for, and don’t know whether the name is a generic or brand name, you can look it up alphabetically — click here.

These online tables show every prescription psychotropic medication approved for use in the United States. (If we have missed any, please let us know here.)

We think it can be helpful to people in recovery to know as much as they may want to know about their own treatment, including facts about their medicine.

Decisions about medications are strictly the domain of patients and their medical providers. The National Treatment Access Project does not endorse, recommend using, or recommend not using, any of the drug products listed here, and expresses no opinion about the ways that they may be prescribed or used.