Regulation of Cannabis

A Guide to Rational Policy

HT_Regulate_CannibisThis book is a guide to regulating legal markets for the non-medical use of marijuana and marijuana-based products. It is a must-read for policy makers and communities all over the world who are witnessing the beginning of the end of the failed Drug Wars.

“This work sets ideology aside, focusing instead on the essential practical task of developing a workable regulatory framework for cannabis as an alternative to the failed prohibition model.”
Representative Roger Goodman, Washington State Legislature, Chair, House Public Safety Committee

Increasing numbers of U.S. states and cities are moving on from ‘How do we best enforce the community-damaging policies of prohibition?’ to ‘How will legal regulation work in practice?’

Cities, states and countries are beginning to implement regulated market models for the non-medical use of cannabis. This book, which would have been hypothetical a few years ago, includes analysis based on

  • Decades of experience regulating alcohol, tobacco, and medicines
  • Spain’s non-profit ‘cannabis social clubs’
  • Commercial cannabis enterprises in the U.S. and the Netherlands
  • Uruguay’s national system of cannabis regulation.

This book will guide all those interested in cannabis policy through the key practical challenges to developing and implementing an effective regulatory approach.

It’s available for purchase at Amazon or by pdf download (250 pages) for a donation to Transform Drug Policy Foundation.

“Essential reading for policy makers around the globe who know that cannabis prohibition has failed. In comprehensive detail, it explores pragmatic, evidence-based approaches to regulating the world’s most widely used illicit drug.”
Professor David Nutt, Chair of the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs